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Thursday, March 05 2015

This is super belated.  This is the blog for the Jan Broxton Bridge ride:)

I was going to write the blog right away but after helping the Olson's on their way home with their awful trailer accident I just didn't get to it.

Jeremy and I booted up four horses to take to the Broxton ride.  The lucky ponies were: IBN Fiddlin, Sam Samstar, Chachie and Rictik.

The trip up was uneventful, which is ALWAYS a plus:)  The horses all traveled well.  Broxton is a super ride as it is really well organized and camp has a shower house and electric hook ups.  We set up our horses and then went to check in.  Many of our friends were there so that is always fun to see everyone.

I would be riding Sam on the first day on the 2* and Jeremy would ride Rictik also on the 2*.  This ride was so long ago I won't go into much but Sam ended up getting pulled for a lameness and Rictik did great.  She finished in 7:32 and looked super.  What a fun mare.

That night there was great food and an awesome bonfire.  It was chilly to say the least.  

The second day I got to ride the amazing Broxton Unicorn, Fiddlin.  Fiddlin is the one who had the horrible head injury at the previous Broxton ride in Nov.  He is well now and he had a super day.  He won the 1* in a three way sprint off at the finish.  He is such a sweet heart. It was funny because when I asked him to go at the end I could feel him thinking to himself what that meant, and he seemed to be trying to be polite and not "scare" me.  He picked up a polite hand gallop at first and then I asked him to really go, then he was like a rocket that accelerated through the finish line! After the race Jeremy looked at my GPS history and it read that we had hit 35.1 MPH in the sprint off!

On the second day Jeremy rode Chachie on the 50.  He had so much fun with Chachie I think his face was sore from smiling all day.  

I know this wasn't detailed but it's old news any how;)


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