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Monday, February 16 2009

We have a website!!  It is so exciting.  So far so good.  We have been riding a lot.  On Valentine's Day we had a great ride on the beach with our good friends, Megan and Maddy.  We took four of our horses: Strut, Smitty, GT and Miles.  Smitty of course went way further and faster then the rest of us.  All of the horses did great and we didn't get rained on!!

Jeremy and I are working on getting a full endurance operation going in the Bay Area.  We are living in the Almaden area in South San Jose.  The hills are big and the weather is generally nice (although at the moment it is really wet!!

We have many horses in training and we are really looking forward to the 2009 season that is in progress.  Our first ride will be at the 20 Mule Team ride

I am now working at one of Skip's Tire and Auto shops doing accounting, then I train horses as well.  Jeremy is trimming and training.  He will be doing a clinic sometime very soon to teach people how to apply the glue on boots.  Overall we are pretty busy and that is fun.  We are also able to see a lot of good friends again, although we now miss all of our new friends... that's always the case isn't it?

Working in Southern CA at the vitamin company ended up being very beneficial as we have designed a great supplement for performance horses that will be available soon.  We have been racing with it and it is pretty darn cool.

I forgot to keep you all posted on how Wild Man did.  He was looking strong in the last turn but then ended up third!  He will now continue his racing.  He is in Texas now preparing for the next leg of the "triple crown" for Arabians.

I hope that I see all of you soon.


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