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Thursday, October 18 2012
Ok, so I really dropped the ball of the Florida trip, we obviously made it some time ago.

We had an uneventful drive other than a few tire issues.  The first day of our drive we stopped at Sandy's farm in Oklahoma, it is an awesome place and Sandy is a gracious host.  On the second day we stopped in KY and traded out our Dodge for a Freightliner.  That truck can HAUL!! 

The ponies made it to Florida on the third day without any issues.  We arrived at our farm about 2 am and we were so happy to get all the horses settled and then going into our house to hit the we thought.  As soon as I opened our front door the overwhelming smell of mouse came and hit me full force.  Our house had unwanted guests!  The rodents had had a great time with our microwave popcorn supply in our pantry. 

We decided to stay in the trailer for another night.  First thing the next day we called a professional carpet cleaning company and they came right out to handle the carpets.  We also went to Tractor Supply to get mouse traps.  In the first week we caught around 15 mice.

Since the day we arrived we have been getting everything organized and I think we finally have a handle on the property once again.  All 11 of the horses here right now are doing great.  We have our 8, Rebecca's horse Sid, Erica's horse Vegas and Linda's horse Charkhal.

We have been having fun with Linda's horse as he is a breed that we have been interested in looking into and training.  He is an Akhal Teke Mustang cross.  He is about 15.3 and is a smokey, metallic buckskin.  He is a very cool dude, Linda is going to have a lot of fun on him.

The weather has been super.  The first two weeks we had thunder storms almost each afternoon and now for the last week it has been a little cooler and no rain.  The horses are all adjusting to the heat and humidity.  I have been doing a lot of trace clipping and mane pulling.

We had a really fun BB-Q at Liesanne's (SP?) house with Emilio, Amy, her husband Peter and their son.  We also enjoyed a day at the beach and going in the ocean, it was like bath water and it was so clear!!

Jeremy will be doing a glue on boot demo this weekend at the SEDRA distance clinic.

On the weekend of Nov 3-4 we will be going to our first CTR at the Boggy Creek Ride.  I have been asked to help judge the event and Jeremy will do the distance only division as I am a judge.  It should be very fun and we will probably even learn something.

Well we hope to see some of you down here soon, don't let us hog all the good weather and great riding!!
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