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Journal Entry #8

August 31, 2014: We are at the airport waiting to fly back to the States. The race was a bit discouraging, but all of the USA horses are fine and healthy. The course was one of the worst I have ridden. I was not all that disappointed when I was pulled to not have to go trudging through the slick mud, the deep heavy sticky mud or the deep heavy beach sand. The completion rate says it all at less than 22%. Anyhow the trip, as a whole, was really fun and the team was amazing as a unit. I will write a race blog when I get home and get some rest. :-)

Journal Entry #7

August 28, 2014: Race Day. Rough day. Really bad footing. The trail was so difficult, not in a Tevis sort of way but in a hazardous way. 21.8% completed. I was not one if them. Jeremy Olson with Shade were our only USA finishing team. They came in 32 out of 35. Congratulations to Jeremy and Shade, they were rockstars!

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Here's the official website for the WEG Endurance Race: and for live streaming, you can go here:

Journal Entry #6
Journal Entry #6

August 26, 2014: It rained all day yesterday. The horses spent very little time outside. We did venture over and saw some reigning yesterday at the big venue (about 1.5 hours from the endurance venue). We missed the morning session so we did not see the first American but we did see Jordan ride. His horse, Mobster was super cool looking.

Today we were supposed to move the horses over to the venue but lucky for us, we now don't need to until tomorrow.

We had some meetings this morning and of course our usual trot outs. Then Jeremy and I rode our two and now the horses are in the turnout. It is raining lightly off and on. The trail is being marked so we can see a glimpse here and there of the trail. It looks to be very technical with many tight turns and surface changes and ample mud...

My brother Jonathan Spinner is here with us and later today my parents and my sister Holly Jonsson will be here as well.

Our crew for our two horses is: Skip Lightfoot, Heather Desposa, Andrew Thorne, Nicki Gilbert, Holly Jonsson, Jonathan Spinner, Jean Spinner, Howie Spinner, Karl Knuchell, Sarah Hunt Engsberg, Misty Briggs McAdams, Doug Schneider, Laura Schneider, Hillorie Bachmann and Jacqueline Lacroix. Pretty awesome.

Our road crew (Skip, Misty and Sarah) have spent tireless hours sorting out how to get from point to point and They have made a timing chart for how long it might take to get from any one point to another.

Things are really coming together, the whole USA team looks really strong. Tomorrow we will take the horses over and set up the crew area and vet in, and wrap up any other pre race day activities, then all we have to do is fall asleep, wake up and get to it.

Really ready to get rolling:)

It's not too late! We'd love your support to help us cover travel and accomodation costs at the World Equestrian Games in France this summer! Any amount will help.

Journal Entry #5

August 22, 2014: The last two days have been good here in France. Yesterday the whole team drove into Caen to get our team uniforms. That was fun. After that Skip, Lynn Sparks Kenelly, Jeremy and I went to get a bite to eat. Yeah, good luck. The restaurants are open WHEN they are open... Which doesn't seem to ever correspond with when we are hungry.

So we decided to drive back to Avaranches to eat instead, after looking for a long while. We got to Avaranches and tried a few places...all closed. FINE, we will go to the "American" restaurant called Buffalo Grille. It was a great place because the menu had pictures!

Today we did our regular horse duties with trot outs and our meeting and all of the chores involved. Jeremy ran (literally) to our house and I drove up to the house to go for a run and then drive us back.

In the afternoon we rode the two horses on a short but sweet ride, they are looking great.

We had a few hours to kill so after our ride we went to Granville to check things out. It has been a mission of mine since we arrived to get a Nutella crepe. I have failed at this 3 times so far as the places are always closed. I set this as todays goal, (I know, very lofty and probably a bit on the over achieving side of the spectrum, but hey sometimes you have to dream big).

We found a crepe place and also saw that it was open, then we saw a street fair. We walked the street fair and then went to get crepes...It was closed:) Of course it was.

We drove around and looked at the town and then parked and walked around. We scored. There was an ice cream shoppe that had Crepes! Nutella ones even. Crepes...Check.

We window shopped a bit and then stopped for a drink before heading out of town and back to the barn.

Tonight we are all meeting at our house for dinner. Should be fun to see the new arrivals of more crew and friends.

Journal Entry #4
Journal Entry #4

August 19, 2014: Another day down...Today we met as usual, did our trot outs and meetings and then turned out the horses. The stalls were cleaned, this morning it was Sarah Hunt Engsberg who did the honors of stall detail for us :)
After that, we were on our time killing mode. The walker and track aren't open to us until noon or so.
Sarah and Misty Briggs McAdams watched the horses in the morning at the paddocks, so around 11 Jeremy took them to go try to get their phone some minutes and get crepes. I watched the horses while they went. After a long while they came home without success on either subject...oh well, there's always tomorrow.
Jeremy and I rode after that. Both horses are full of it. Amazing what less workload will do to a top level horse.
In the afternoon we turned the horses out and Jeremy and I left to go for a run from our Gite. I think we might have been on the trail, there were fresh trail markers. If so, it was very rocky...
We returned to the barn to bring our guys in and blanket them. It is actually pretty chilly here in the evening. Chanses drags me in at night to have his bucket of mush. It's the best part of his day.
Tonight we made dinner at our Gite, actually to be specific, Sarah made dinner while Misty and I kept her company while eating cheeses and drinking wine. Pretty fun, I must say. Lynn Sparks Kenelly and Emmett B Ross came to dinner as well. We had a great time.
Tomorrow we are back to the barn for an 8 am start once again.
9 more days to kill...

Journal Entry #3

August 17, 2014: Yesterday we moved into our gites (little houses). That was fun, and we also went grocery shopping so that we could have dinner at home instead of eating out and getting to bed at the regular hour of 11 pm each night. Lynn Sparks Kenelly made us a great dinner of home made Mac N Cheese and then we got to bed around 9:)

Big problem, when I went to get in bed I soon realized that I was sleeping on the equivalent to a box spring...super comfy! Not the best night of sleep, for sure.

Today was a rest day for the horses. That translates to a lot of down time. We went out and did our usual trot outs and had our morning meeting, followed by barn brewed coffee. Turned out all the ponies in their grass pens and then started killing time. Cleaned a few stalls, organized crew clothing, went and fueled up the rental, etc. Jeremy Reynolds, Jeremy Olson and Emilio Colman went for a run from our barn to our Gite. About a 5 mile deal. I hung out with Ellen watching the grass grow under the horses feet while they grazed and then headed up to the house to shuttle everyone back to the barn. I had lunch while I was up there. Very French...Pate, Bre cheese on bread and a yogurt. Then did a few things online. The guys arrived and we headed back down to the barn.

When we got back the guys relieved Ellen of horse watch and she and I went for a run down to the beach. It was drizzling the whole time with varying degrees of rain. It was cold at first but soon was fine. The ocean/bay where we are fluctuates a crazy amount. Literally, part of the day there are small waves and people swimming and then a couple of hours later the entire bay is empty and there are huge mud flats over a mile out where the water had been. Pretty odd.

After our run we hung around until it was time to bring the horses in for the night (6pm). Then after all the last minute chores were wrapped up we headed home.

Right when we got home we hijacked a mattress from the garage to put on top of our metal spring board. I can't wait!!!

Tonight we were treated to a home cooked, Indian meal that Mustafa Tehrani made. It was excellent. We were also enjoying Valerie Kanavy telling us stories of her amazing season with the crown jewel race of the WEG in Holland aboard her Gold Medal horse Cash (Pieraz). Very fun and exciting.

Tomorrow we get to ride:)

Only 11 days to kill...

Journal Entry #2
Journal Entry #2

August 16, 2014: Today was much better weather. All 6 horses are looking good. We started our day at 9 am at the barn. Trot outs were the first thing on the agenda after our morning meeting. Then we turned all the horses out and headed over to the venue to try to see the lay out. It turns out the venue wasn't ready to be seen yet, so we headed back to the barn. We were waiting on the walker and trails to be ready for use (the local horses who live at our barn train until noon and then we get the use of the facilities) so Ellen, Jeremy O, Meg and I headed into the local town to grab a bite to eat. We found a bakery that had some great things. Then we headed back to the barn to put the horses on the walker and go for a ride.

Melody Blittersdorf and Jeff Blittersdorf threw down an ice water challenge that we had to answer this afternoon, thanks guys!! That was chilly, then we all headed back to our B&B's for a visit with our hosts followed by going out for dinner. I am now really ready for bed. We keep getting home around 10:30 pm. I'm about recovered from Tevis now :-)

Journal Entry #1
Journal Entry #1

August 14, 2014: I flew to NY on Monday and landed at 11 pm, then took a shuttle to a train to a shuttle to my hotel. My head hit the pillow about 1:15 am. The next day I met Ellen and Meg at the airport for our flight to France. Ellen Rapp Olson, Meg Sleeper and I had a blast at the airport. Who would have thought the airport lounge could be that much fun. So much, that we almost missed our flight, I happened to notice the time and we got to the gate as our group was boarding. We left last night at 5 pm from NY and landed in Paris at 6:45 am today. Then we had the pleasure of navigating the 4 hours to where the B&B is that we are staying in. I drove and Meg and Ellen stayed awake as long as they could ;-) Then we attempted to find the stable but the GPS wouldn't cooperate so we settled for pizza instead. After that we gave in and went back to the B&B to find Valerie Kanavy, Kelsey Russell and Mustafa Tehrani there. Now we are goofing around on the internet. The horses arrived this evening and they are resting in their stables. ~ Heather

Honored to Be on Team USA
Honored to Be on Team USA

Jeremy and I are very proud to once again have the opportunity to represent our country by competing for Team USA at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France this August. Jeremy will be riding RR Gold Dust Rising and I will be on Chanses.

USEF Names 2014 Short List
USEF Names 2014 Short List

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has named ten horse-and-athlete combinations to the Short List for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games U.S. Endurance Team. Additionally, three combinations have been named as alternates. Click here to read on...

Are you curious about endurance?

This short video provides a glimpse into our spectacular sport

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