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We accept a limited amount of horses for conditioning.  We feel that it is very important for a horse to carry themselves correctly, be balanced on diagonals, and willingly take the correct lead when asked.  Our conditioning program focuses on getting the maximum results for each equine athlete, while keeping within each individuals limits.   This goes hand in hand with excellent nutrition and proper hoof care.  Don't let your talented horse go to waste, due to your lack of time.  Let us assist you in your horse's success. Full Conditioning with board includes grain and supplements. Please note we only except well broke horses as we are conditioning not starting horses.

Let us help you find your next endurance mount, or assess your existing mount.  What we will look at:
  • Conformation
  • Quality and efficiency of movement
  • Temperament 
  • Equine's suitability to reasonably reach riders goals
We can do this via: photos, videos, or in person. $150 per horse, or flat day rate of $500

*We have many horses available for leasing opportunities. We have horses ranging from 50's to 100 mile AERC rides, as well as Tevis and FEI events.  It can be arranged for crew familiar with the leased horse to be hired.  Prices below do not include entry fees or crew.  The prices are either/or, not additional, if you ride an FEI ride you would not also pay the AERC fee.

AERC 50                  $750 Crew  $250
FEI 50                     $1000   Crew  $250
AERC 75                  $1500   Crew  $350
FEI 75                     $3000  Crew  $350
AERC 100                 $2500  Crew  $500
FEI 100                    $5000  Crew  $500
Tevis                         Not always available. 
Tevis crew is mandatory

*We also offer 3 day coaching clinics.  This covers all the aspects of the sport as well as lots of riding (on our horses).  We currently only offer this service at our farm in Dunnellon, FL.  Send an email to inquire about available dates.

Reynolds Racing
Dunnellon, FL 34431
 Heather: 408-687-7082
Jeremy: 408-687-7083

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