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Friday, July 31 2009


I have not been writing or doing any computer related things in a long time.  We are still in the Bay Area and still house hunting.  I feel like we have had a temporary lifestyle for WAY too long now.  The endurance horses are doing great.  We have a wonderful group of 10.  This does not count Gem who is in foal and should bring a bundle of talent to us sometime in March 2010.  The 10 endurance horses include two 4 year olds so in reality we are dealing with 8 working race horses plus client horses.

All of the horses ran on the track with the exception of Rising Heat and Stratagem.  Fuego ran and then was used as a pony on the track which came in handy last weekend at the Redwood Ride where he handily caught a loose horse in the morning.

We will be taking 6 of the horses to the Shine & Shine FEI ride on Aug 8th.  This is a logistical joy for me:)  Any how we will have Fuego IA, Makazin, TA tiran and Stratagem on the 50 FEI *.  Ssamiam and My Mamselle will do the 75 FEI **.  It should be  great ride with a lot of hills and heat ( at least it won't be humid!)

Our friend Sara is flying out from VA to ride TA Tiran, Sara rode with us when we were back East and had many adventures with us back there (including driving a stick shift for the first time, which was the dually that she crewed for us out of at the Old Dominion ride.  Oh, did I mention it was raining and muddy.  She handled it like a champ!)

Well, we are off to Robinson Flat in the morning to crew for a long time friend Jeff Townsend and his great horse Seize the Breeze aka Breeze.  It should be a great time for all.

I will try to write much more frequently.


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