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Thursday, December 13 2012
Well the busy week of prep is coming to a close.  Rachel Shackelford, now Rachel Lain, and her husband Brett arrived on Monday.  We have been busy getting all the horses ready, trailer loaded, 7 horses booted, tack organized, etc. 

Last week the Olson's got here and their new house had a paperwork issue to handle so they parked it here and kept us company in the meantime.  It was super fun to visit with them and see their 8 horses they brought with them.  It has been busy for all.  They have been fencing and getting a new house ready this week in addition to getting ready for the race, I remember doing that last year!

It is raining but the race is calling for 79 degrees and I have no idea how humid it might get, hopefully it won't be like two days ago when it was 80 degrees and 82% humidity at 4PM!!!

We are taking 7 horses from our place.  Dust and Erebus will do the LD with Rebecca Silva and Elaine Lemieux on board.  Nixon and Sarah Schick will do the FEI 1*.  Vegas and Erica DeVoti, Chanses and Rachel, Stirgess and myself will do the FEI 2*.  Cleo (the one who crashed off the edge of the Tevis trail and cut her foot so badly) and Jeremy will do the 3*.

Luckily the race is only 15 min away from our house.  Today all of the missing people from our group arrive.  Lynn and Mark Ashby are driving in from Delaware, Erica and Mark DeVoti are flying in from CO, Sarah Schick is driving down from VA and Skip Lightfoot is flying in from CA.  So basically it's party time:) 

I will keep you posted.
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