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Thursday, August 23 2012
During picture day: A Kutt Above with Jeremy and Riverwatch and I.

Time has been flying by and I have been away from the WiFi zone. 

On Tuesday we did our morning ritual of trot outs and then it was picture time!! The whole team got a lot of pics as a group, with horses, without horses with crew, etc.  It was painless.

I forgot to mention that we picked up Maddy on Monday from the Thetford train station.  When we picked her up the car was full so she and her suitcase sat in the trunk.  Nothing like a warm welcome!!

After pictures we decided to go sight seeing in Thetford and have tea.  It was fun, Thetford is a small quaint town.  We found a good place called the Bell Inn.  Ironically none of us had tea!!  We had coffees and food but no tea.  Oh well.

I clipped our horses and Marvel has a heart on his butt and Kutt has his lightening bolts.  I needed a shower after all that hair so  after that we headed home.

Since we have been here our horses have discovered that they LOVE oranges, skin and all.  We have been treating them with a few a day.

There is also a great fundraising effort going on here.  It all started with a bathtub pic of John Crandall due to not enough hot water at his hotel...  Now there has been a full photo shoot of "The Men Of London" and there are at least 12 pics with totally revealing shots for a WEC calendar!!  All the models are part of the USA team.  It has been too funny.

Tuesday evening Skip, Karl, Jeremy and I went into Thetford for dinner.  Maddy and Holly stayed in and made pizza.  The Bell Inn was good for lunch, but then we had dinner there too.  We met Tony Bennedetti there and had a fun meal. 

Wednesday, morning trot outs and then we went for a brief ride.  The horses felt too good and my sister got some crazy pics of us galloping around the countryside.  After the ride we practiced bottle hand offs, I almost didn't survive and then trotted out for the vets again then the horses had the rest of the day to veg out.

We headed over to the venue to check out the vet gate.  This year the horses will wear a small device so that your arrival time and recovery time will be paperless.  As long as the system doesn't go down it will be super efficient.  We were looking at the distances from the in gate to the P&R time area.  Our USA crew bay is closest to the P&R area so there was discussion as to what the best approach would be as far as how to come in.  Good times.

Tim arrived at the train station today, only 7 more of our crew left to  arrive.

Wednesday night we went to dinner with our friends, Hillorie and Abdullah.  Once again, the Bell Inn!  We need to branch out, kind of stuck in a rutt.

Thursday we have been non stop busy, sorry this blog is a bit concise.  Morning trot outs, Crew packing, Rider meetings one on one with Dwight and Emmett to find out what our speeds will be for race day.  Then back to the venue for lunch and seeing what the vendors had to offer. 

We dropped Tim and Jeremy off at the house on the way back and Holly and I had tea and then drove to the barn to get WiFi to write this:) 

Tonight is opening ceremonies.  We have a USA after party at the barn planned so it should be a fun night. 

Team USA is Golden.


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