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Sunday, August 19 2012
Sunday has been a nice quiet day.  We got to the barn around 8 am.  Trot outs as usual, all the ponies looked good.  After that Marvel went on the walker for an hour and then Nicki and I headed out towards the gallop track that we have nearby.  Nellie and Marvel moved along nicely.  When we got to the track, after riding by the castle and beautiful pond with tons of ducks, we galloped once around together and then I stopped as that was all I needed to do and Nicki and Nellie went for a longer ride. 

I rode back to the barn alone while Nicki finished her laps.  Marvel felt spectacular.  He had on his new Easyboot Glue Ons with the awesome new pattern for break over.  He loves them!!!

After our ride we bathed Marvel and turned him out.  Right after that we went and viewed crew points with Skip.  The parking was pretty limited with the idea of just how many crew cars there will be on race day.  Luckily I won't be parking cars:)

We then went into Thetford and had lunch with our friend Hillorie Bachmann.  It was alright but not he best so far as far as food is concerned.  Still very fun though.

When we finished up with that we went back to the barn and put Kutt's race boots on.  He is also wearing the break over Glue ons.  When we finished that up we turned both horses out.

That night we had dinner at the house.  Karl, Jeremy, Holly,  Skip and I.  It was really relaxing.

Monday morning Trot outs went well.  All the horses are getting really dialed in for race day, they look like they are ready to fly!  After the trot we put our guys on the walker and had our morning meeting.  Immediately after this we saddled up and headed over to the track.  Jeremy and I went on a light ride.  It was fun.

When we were done with our barn chores we headed off to New Market.  We wanted to look around and get a girth for Marvel.  Newmarket is a neat place, it is like our Kentucky as far as Throroughbred's go.  Race horses everywhere. 

After we returned from Newmarket we had individual rider meetings with Dwight and Emmett.  Then headed back to our house to rest.  Our day ended with the best meal yet at the Craquer Restaurant.  Then off to bed.  The days are starting to fly by...

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