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Saturday, November 26 2011
Today we attended our first ride of the season, although we weren't riding.  Ceci and Jason rode and we were there supporting.  It was a local 2 day ride, today being day 1.  There were 32 starters on the 50 and 29 finishers. It was the Gallop on The Greenway ride.  Jason came in 3rd and Ceci (who was doing the last FEI qualifying ride on the horse she was on, so she needed to take longer than 5 hours) came in 6th.  It was nice weather and looked like everyone was having a good time.

Out West our young horse Envol did day 1 of the Desert Gold ride with our friend Lori Oleson.  They did well and completed easily.

On day 2 of Desert Gold our good friend and client, Carol Kraft Edwards tied for 1st on her horse Elvis!  Super cool!  Congratulations to Carol & Elvis, with many more to come for them!

Tonight Jeremy and I got a flavor of hometown Dunnellon.  We went to check out a local hang out restaurant that we had spotted last week.  In driving down there we took a detour when we saw a street fair going on.  It was a Christmas theme street fare with an ice hill for kids to sled on, Carriage rides, Christmas Caroling, crafts and funnel cakes.  Pretty cool little gig, proud to be a Dunnelleon.

We made it to the destination after that.  It is a place called the Blue Gator.  A very cool out door tiki bar style restaurant/ bar.  There is live music every Friday- Sunday.  Jeremy and I sat right down listened to the music and watched a local football game that was on the flat screen behind the musician.  We ate alligator tail, nuggets (like chicken nuggets only better) and sweet potato fries.  It was super fun. The restaurant is below the main road thru town and on the edge of the river.  The owners of the place also give airboat tours and singing river tours.  I liked the place.

Well, I am off to bed as I will be crewing for some new friends that we have met since moving here.  If you haven't seen, I have added a video tour of the Florida place in the video section of this site.

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