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Monday, November 14 2011
We made it to Florida!  Hurray! We left California on Thursday the 3rd at noon and made it to our property on Sunday the 6th at 6pm.  We brought 4 horses with us, Kutt, Tiran, Fuego and Marvel.  Stirgess will be joining us around the 22nd. 

There is so much to do and it is hard to decide where to begin.  We have been unpacking, buying furniture, buying ranch equipment, setting up basic things like garbage, mail, propane and internet. 

Most importantly we have scouted (after A LOT of scouting) a trail to get from our house to the park.  We made a path through a cross country section and flagged it so we can keep going the same route.  The park is so massive it is awesome.  The park is the Goethe National Forest.  I don't know how many miles of trail there are but it is a lot.

We have met our neighbors and have been out riding with them.  We also have been out finding the best places to buy things and where not to shop.  There are plenty of places to get horse supplies and feed.  Almost too many places if you don't know what you're looking for.  The locals have helped us with what places to avoid and which are good.  Today we found the best one yet, it is a place that sells a lot to the race track population so the variety is great and the prices are right.

Our horses have been happy on our ten acres of grass and pine trees.  We also have some cactus in our pasture.  Luckily we haven't encountered any crazy things like alligators or boa constrictors.  The worst thing we have had to deal with was a wasp nest beneath our house.  The last of the tough ones are showing up in our house near death.  They should be gone within a few more days.

We have been having to shower in our living quarters.  That should change on Wed when the propane gets here.  Oh the joys of moving into a new place.  At least we have the trailer.

The footing here is the best.  Our horses are all entirely barefoot with no hoof protection.  The sandy footing makes being barefoot fun.

Yesterday we went on a 9 mile gallop with some friends and then had a picnic afterward chatting the afternoon away.  It was fun. 

The scenery is beautiful here.  In the park there are lots of giant Oaks covered with Spanish moss.  When the sun shines through it, it is incredible.  Florida has a surprising amount of trees and forest.  There are palm type varieties as well as pine and oak.  Yesterday I wished I had my camera.  On our ride there was a truck following us with a man sitting on top of the cab holding a gun.  Yes, a gun.  We aren't in CA anymore and it's huntin' season here.  We did see a dead pig on the roof of another truck.

Today it was 80 degrees out.  Oh darn.  It feels like we aren't getting enough done as there is so much to do.   Maybe tomorrow we will get further:)

Our first race here will be on the 26th.  Hope all is well with you.

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