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Tuesday, March 01 2011
Finally another blog... Hurray!  We drove down to the 20 Mule Team ride on Thursday.  We had A Kutt Above for Jeremy to ride on the 100 & Kingley Bey for myself to do the 65 on.  We also had Carole Kraft Edward's new horse Kings Gold aka Elvis with us.  They would be doing the 35. (Both Kingley and Elvis were horses that Jeremy and I fell in love with last summer while we were riding at Jan and Grace's during our WEG preparations.)

The drive was uneventful.  We arrived at the ride around 2 pm and set up our camp.  We had decided to rent paddocks with stalls as the weather was supposed to get pretty bad.    After getting everything all set we went out for dinner with our friends the Donleys.  We went to our usual spot in town with them.  We must eat there more frequently than I realized as the hostess actually recognized me and knew that I would need a sushi menu! 

After dinner we decided that we would go and buy a beanie and some goggles as the wind was SO fierce.  Jeremy's eyes are really sensitive to the wind since he had corrective eye surgery. 

When we got back to camp we went and hung out with Dennis Summers in his RV for a while and then headed to bed. 

Friday morning we went to town with Dennis and bought some grass hay from the local feed store.  The wind was crazy while we were there.  After running a few errands we went back to camp.  We packed our crew bags and then waited for Carole and Megan Robinson to get to arrive.  When they arrived we went for a pre-ride then played a few hands of cards.  It was nice in the trailer out of the wind.

Carole, Megan, Jeremy and I went to Casey's BB-Q with our friends Nicole Chappel and her friend Minnelle.  My advice is don't go to Casey's.  We got back to camp just in time for the ride meeting. 

All night as we slept the weather was really crazy.  I think it blew, sleeted, rained and snowed all through the night, again I was glad to have the stalls for the horses.

Jeremy started the 100 at 6 am.  Megan and I saddled up as did Carole, in case Elvis got anxious after we all left.  As Megan and I were warming up at the starting line Kingley spotted a mule.  He locked on and became fixated on it instantly.  He made a bee line over to it and marched up and put his face right in the mules face.  They sniffed noses and then Kingley wanted to follow it around.  It was too funny, maybe he had a mule friend from the past, who knows.

Kingley was really great.  He is so calm and relaxed to ride.  He is getting better with his fear of people.  I actually thought that I could ride up to the out timer at vet check one to hand my card off...WRONG.  After running sideways I dismounted and handed off my card.  He is improving and probably by summer I will be able to do this easy task.

The weather on ride day was really perfect.  It had been horrible all night but it was clear in the morning and the rest of Saturday.  Nothing fell from the sky on us and there was no wind, as we rode over the mountains the snow was beautiful.  It was still cold enough that the plants had snow stuck to them and it was reflecting in the sunlight.

Kingley was in the lead all day with Ann's horse Envy.  When we left the last vet check I decided to ask him to move on.  He did an easy canter pretty much the whole way in.  He looked really great at the end and bright eyed. He won by a few minutes.

As I walked back to camp Jeremy and Dennis were on their way out onto their last loop.  Kutt looked great.

 I got my completion vetting, out of the way and then cleaned Kingley up for BC.  He looked great for BC and was really fresh looking.  After BC I mudded and wrapped him and then hit the showers. 

Megan came in 7th on Kongo and they had, had a fun time.

Carole had ridden with the Donley's and they were all in the lead group on the 35.  (My Mamselle is doing great with the Donley's, they say she gets better and better.)  All of their horses could have done more miles and they had a nice training ride from it.

I was told Jeremy would be at the finish any time, I think the radio guys got confused as to where Jeremy was because I hustled out to the finish line and then waited for well over an hour.  Dennis and Jeremy arrived together and had decided to tie as they had helped each other with various things back and forth throughout the ride.  Kutt looked great.

After getting his completion we got him ready for BC as well. After BC and getting Kutt taken care of we went to town with Dennis to get a hot meal.  The day had been a big success for all.

Sunday morning were the awards as well as breakfast cooked by the multi-talented Rene Baylor, who was also the ride photographer.  Kingley won BC and high Vet Score.  Kutt lost BC by 3.5 point to the 5th place horse Maximum Heat.  Darn.   Melissa and Robert did another great job of putting on a really nice, fun race.

Ssamiam has been doing great in the UAE.  His new name is One-0-Six (that was his number at the WEG)  He has done a 50 that he averaged around 22 KPH and he was 4th.  He also just won the Qatar International Cup 75 and averaged around 26KPH (16+ MPH!!).  He had to sprint for the win, that is the beauty of an ex-racehorse!

Cal Flaming Emit, aka Gem will be joining the Belesemo Arabians herd as a broodmare.  We wish them all the best with her breeding career.

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