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Sunday, October 10 2010
Well I am about one week late on posting this.  When we returned from KY we arrived at our barn at 7 am on Friday the 1st.  After driving for way too long we got out of the truck and Jeremy decided to do our horse's feet for the race that was happening the next day.

We went home and took a nap and then went to Calero to vet our horses in for the 50.  I vetted in Tin Roof and Jeremy was to ride Stirgess and the final 5 year old for our 5 year old trio was Kongo with Megan Robinson aboard.  Lori Olson was on Strut.

The next morning we woke up and I didn't know where I was or why I had to wake up so early.  Then I realized that I was in my own bed and that we were going to do a local 50.

We went to the ranch and picked up the horses and then drove the 5 minutes over to the ride.

The ride was very surreal.  It turns out that there was a crazy amount of ground bees and everyone was having a really bad time because of them  Many people fell off that day and a few were badly hurt.  I wont go into other people's misfortunes but it was a mess.

At the end of the day the race was rerouted and we made it.  All three 5 year olds had another great outing and had little mishap with the bees.

Hopefully the next time this ride happens it goes better for everyone that had a bad ride this time.

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