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Thursday, September 30 2010
I am currently in New Mexico.  Yesterday we were going up a hill and lost power and then Jeremy saw something smoking from behind us.  Our trailer bearing melted and then melted the brakes on the rear right.  After calling US rider and figuring out the details we unloaded the horses on the highway and Jeremy started to take the wheel off when we realized that Smitty was choking.

Smitty probably had been choking for a while as Sam had green slimy spit on his side that was nearest to Smitty.  We gave Smitty some water and he was able to drink a bit but he was still not right.  After some magnesium being syringed to him and not letting him eat he came around.

Jeremy went back to removing the tire and then we limped our three tired trailer to the town behind us.  They had all of the parts except for one, of course!  The part was ordered and would be there in the morning.

We got directions to an arena on the edge of town.  We unloaded the boys and as we were getting settled it became clear that Wednesday nights in Santa Rosa NM were the team roping night at this arena.

There were only about 6 riders.  They loaded the steers into the shoots and chased them down.  Jeremy decided to saddle up Kingley and play around a bit.  Kingley was great.  He ran out of the shoot and chased the steer that weren't going to be roped.  Kingley was fast to chase them down, he would even snake his head down at them.  Jeremy and I also rode one of the cowboys quarter horses, good times.

We are off to get the repair done and hit the road. 

PS Sam looks great!!

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