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Sunday, September 26 2010
Wow and damn all at once.  Sam was totally great today, amazing to say the least.  We ran with the big dogs today and it almost worked.  I was 4th over all but then failed my last trot out for a mild but consistent hind end lameness.  I am proud as hell of what Sam did today.

He finished in 7:40 and was 5 min behind the reigning world champion, who is now the 2 time world champion.  Sam's  fastest  100 before this was his only 100, which he did in 9:57 at Git R Done.  That is right, this was his 2nd 100.  Jeremy and I are very excited in spite of the pull.

At the finish I was with a French rider and I decided to take the risk and race in just in case one of the first 3 riders got pulled.  Sam ran like the wind and was so cheerful about it. 

I really feel that the hind end lameness is due to his lack of 100 mile experience and that he has one hell of a bright future as a world class endurance horse.  Sam is only 9 years old so I can look forward to many future World Championships with him in mind.

I am totally exhausted but I just wanted to let you know how it went and I felt about what happened today.
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