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Saturday, September 25 2010
Wow, I am soooo tired right now.  It is 10 pm, we have been going non stop since 7 am so sorry if this is brief.  The USA team is: Lindsay Graham, Heather Reynolds, Jan Worthington and Meg Sleeper.  Our individual is now Deborah Reich.  All 5 horses vetted in and we are all set to go.

It was about 82 degrees today and it looks like it could rain tonight.  Then it should be warm again.  Good for us, hopefully it will be hot and muggy.

I do not know how many horses vetted in, there were a few that did not pass the vet in.  Originally there were supposed to be about 109 starters, so now there are less.

Today we did too many things to rehash.  It ended with us marching in the opening ceremonies.  It was great to march with all of the other USA disciplines.  We all walked grouped together as one nation rather than by discipline.  Jan walked just behind the flag bearer with the 14 year old vaulting competitor, they represented the USA's youngest and oldest competitors, very cool. 

All of us, including the dressage riders were sporting the western theme.  We had Ariat jeans, black pointy cowboy boots a western shirt, black belt, red white and blue ascot ties and big cowboy hats on.  We also were all holding USA flags that we waved.  The stadium was packed and they all went wild when the USA came in. Pretty amazing feeling to have all of that support.  It is the most support that the USA has ever had, as we are finally on our home court.

We cut out almost right away so that we could get to bed.  Too bad we have to race right after that because it would have been cool to watch.

I have to sleep, I will try to tell more details after the race for sure. 

Wish Sam and I luck as well as the 4 other USA riders.  We are going to do great!!

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