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Tuesday, September 21 2010
Sorry, I have not had internet until now.  We had to move out of the hotel for the second time right before they decided who would make the team so I have not written since.

Our team which you have probably heard by now is:
Ellen Rapp on Berjo Smoke
Meg Sleeper on Syrocco Harmony
Jan Worthington on Golden Lightening
Heather Reynolds on Ssamiam

Our individual is:
Lindsay Graham on Monk

Deborah Reich on DJB Juniper

We were all on pins and needles to hear who would make it.  After our final trot out for the selectors we were all relieved because at that point we had done all we could and it was now up to the committees to decide.

We were waiting from about 10 am until 4:30 pm.  A long day to say the least.  Then when they did announce the team they did so in alphabetical order and started with Ellen Rapp so poor Lindsay thought she had not been selected, then they announced the individual after that.  She was overwhelmed. 

That night we went out for Mexican and had many pitchers of Margaritas.  Roger Yohe was pouring and he even had the same color shirt on as the wait staff.  As a joke Lindsay told a waiter that it was Roger's birthday and the whole staff came out and plopped a huge sombrero on Roger's head and sang happy birthday very loudly in Spanish.  It was super funny.

The days are now starting to move more quickly.  Today we went to the horse park and got our uniforms and credentials.  It was really fun, this is the best s.w.a.g. (stuff we all get) we have ever gotten!   The jackets are really cool too.  We did not get all of the clothes that we will be getting as some of the things hadn't arrived yet.

We also got our tack that the Distance Depot donated.  It is very classy and nice to look at.  We will look sharp. 

More and more crew are arriving each day.  Today we had a lively bucket brigade and bottle hand off session.  The horses are liking it too I think.  It is warm enough for sure to appreciate the water!

The horses are also starting to get massage work done and they are liking that as well.

I am off to bed.

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