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Friday, September 10 2010
Well we have moved out of our rooms for the weekend and we are staying in our trailers.  We have been practicing a lot of bullet hand offs on the fly and the horses are getting better.

Yesterday we had a radio interview.  Sam was the sound bite for hooves clopping in the background... his moment of fame.

All of the horses are looking good.  We did have another horse move into the barn, a cart pony.  The good news is that the grounds manager was made aware of our health concerns for our horses and he has put a freeze on any future stall rentals for the rest of our stay.  Thank God, or thank Michelle Roush:)  We also now have big Quarantine signs on the outside paddocks.

Last night we all went to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner and watch football.  It turned out to be Tex Mex.  When we opened the menu we had trouble locating the Mex part.  After looking for a while we found some items.  It was the first time that I had Spanish rice that was white rice with bits of veggies in it.  I almost ordered the "Classic Burrito", thinking that would be Mex for me.  Then I read that it involved eggs and bacon in the burrito and I thought again.

Skip got here last night and he has been handing off bullets today. 

Deborah told us that in her new hotel room, that she went to after Shaker Village, has a rag in the bathroom with a sign that reads something about "Use this rag to clean your gun..."  That is a first.

Later today we have more media training and then tomorrow we are speaking at an Arabian Horse Conference first thing in the morning.  Our team vet also gets in tonight so tomorrow we will be examined again, our horses that is.

Sam has gotten better at the bullet hand offs.  He was getting too smart as he would try to swerve to the left with the person handing water to our right.  I would put left leg on and a tight left rein and at the last possible second, when I would let go with my right hand to grab the bottle he would try to swerve to the right, around the person handing us the water.  It was the like he was saying "What? I did what you said, I went right!"  Damn him.  He can be so goofy.  Today he was cooperating.

It looks like rain today.  I am a bit tired, maybe I will get to take a nap. 

Kingley is progressing as far as becoming more interactive with me.  Yesterday he came to me when I called.  I am sure he was thinking "oh good, my grain person/ groom has arrived".


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