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Thursday, August 05 2010
Today is Thursday.  This morning Jeremy took care of Smitty and Sam's feet for the trial.  They are ready.  This is the first day here that doesn't feel like we are in the Amazon.  The heat and humidity are much lower today. 

Merlin got in trouble today for going in the hen house and barking at the chickens (but it was so fun!!).  Jan made sure to let him know that it was a very bad idea.  Just last week Jan and Grace gave away one of their Jack Russels (Pee Pee, as he would get so excited that he would pee) for going on a killing spree in the hen house.  I am sure the birds are still traumatized.   I don't think that Chihuahua's have the strength in their jaw to shake a chicken but none the less it is against the rules to stir the hens up.

Right when Jeremy finished up with our horses feet Jan asked for help with the tractor tire.  Today was the first day good enough to cut hay and start baling it.  When Jan went to get the equipment ready it was discovered that the front left tire had a slash in it.  If it isn't one thing it's another.  Jeremy and Grace got the tire off and Grace went into town to get it handled.

If you are looking for a new horse you may want to see the website that Jan and Grace have.  They have WAY more horses for sale than what is on the site but you will get a small flavor for what might be here.  It is a place we will look in the future for sure.  We have been witnessing first hand how the horses are brought up and the training and terrain they ride through.  These horses have done a lot by the time they are for sale as far as being exposed to different situations.  I am pretty impressed by what her green horses and experienced horses as well, have to do.  They move cows, deal with tricky footing, steep muddy terrain, cross country riding, riding in large groups, deep river crossings, snow, ice, living out in hilly terrain in extreme humidity and dealing with herd life.  This is where Ssamiam came from and we see how he is turning out.  Their website is:  The horses are reasonably priced too.

After lunch I think we are going to ride one set and then head into the town of Galena for some window shopping in the quaint downtown area and then have dinner with friends.

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