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Wednesday, August 04 2010
We were going to leave for Illinois for the final time trial on the road to the WEG on Tuesday after Tevis.  However, the new truck that we had just bought for the new trailer wasn't ready.  Dodge had to make some repairs to the truck before we could have it and they really took their sweet time with the parts order. 

We had been able to enjoy the new trailer at Tevis as Skip had pulled it with his truck.  It was really cool and much bigger than the old one.  We waited until Wednesday night and decided that we couldn't wait any longer and that I needed to pack up the old rig and we would head out on Friday.   What a bummer.  Oh well.  It is kind of ironic as we had told ourselves that we would save our money and take the old rig and then changed our minds to upgrade, to be more comfortable and then after spending the money, here we are in the old small rig.

We left at 10 am on Friday morning and we arrived in Scales Mound, Illinois on Sunday morning at 7:30 am.  We don't mess around.

Sunday we spent with Jan and Grace.  They are so awesome.  We rode a few of their horses and got stuff done around their farm.  Sam and Smitty both traveled well.  We ran fluids to them to help them recover from the trip.

On Monday we rode and then went into town to get some horse shoes and go to the grocery store.  When we got back Jeremy, Jan and I rode Smitty, Leon and Sam.  They are all doing great.  We also rode a set of younger horses after that.  Jan is really brave about some of the horses she will ride.  She rode a 4 year old mare that kept hopping around and even got to bucking a bit and she just hung on and rode it out.  Pretty tuff.

Sam is happy to see Jan and Grace as he used to live here.  He is really funny in the mornings when he hears Jan call the horses in for their grain.  He listens and then calls to her to let her know that he is here and that she should bring him some too!

Tuesday we rode three sets of horses and Jeremy took care of some of the horses feet that live here.  He did some shoeings and trims.  Grace and I wormed some of the young horses.  It was 92 degrees out with 94% humidity.  Damn warm.  I ran to get some wormer and I only ran about 200 yards.  It felt fine, there was a cool breeze and it was nothing.  About 5 min later it felt like my head was on fire and I was boiling over.  Pretty warm.  The time trials should be interesting.  I do feel better, as Jan and Grace both said that it was even hot for them!

After our riding we all headed into the house for the rest of the evening.  When I got inside the nice air-conditioned house I was cold because of the sweaty clothes so I showered and then made chocolate chip cookies.  Yum.

That night Grace made another great dinner.  Everything we had was grown on the farm, including the venison steaks we ate.  Super great food.  Joe and Michelle came over too.  It was great to see them and hang out with everyone.  Very fun.

This morning, Wednesday the 4th, we got up and had breakfast and then Jeremy and Grace went to get a better anvil while Jan and I caught the really young stock for worming.  There are some great looking horses here for sale. 

Today is my birthday.  It is the first out of state birthday that I can remember.  I have gotten a million messages and Facebook notes so far today.  It is nice to get them all. 

After worming and Jeremy shoeing some more horses we are going to go for a ride with the three WEG bound horses.  We were waiting for the supreme afternoon heat:)  Can't wait, oh so fun.

The farm here is very lively.  There are a large number of horses (obviously), cows, cats and four dogs (plus Merlin).  There are a large number of various birds around.  Peacocks, Guinea hens, ducks, chickens, swallows you name it.  I even had a duck egg go into the cookie batter.  That was a first.  Grace told me that it was a duck egg and that they are harder to crack and that the whites are stringy.  All true.  The whites will hardly let go of the shell.  Also the yolk is bigger.  New things are always fun to learn.  Jan and Grace are action packed and there is so much going on here all of the time.  They are really fun.

Well I need to go out and crack the whip in the humidity.  Talk to you later.
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