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Wednesday, February 10 2010
We woke up and had breakfast as usual and then headed out to the barn.  It was another 2 hour walk morning, which is about a 6 mile deal.  Every time that Smitty has seen a camel he is convinced that we should go get a better look and tries to drag me towards them.  Well, today he had his chance.  The camels were right on the road we were on, headed straight at us.  When they were approaching he was happy, then at some point in the approaching, I guess he focused on them really well.  I think he must have realized that he needs his eyes checked because it went from a cool idea "let's say Hi"  to "let's get the hell outta here!"  In a split second.

Jeremy ran 12 miles while we walked and he went 10 min faster today then he did two days ago. 

After our walk I body clipped Smitty.  We tied him to our rental car and even hung his hay bag from the car as well.  We did this by unrolling the windows on the left side of the car and then tied him through the solid part of the doors between the two windows.  Very professional.  He stood well and now has a cool lightening bolt on his right butt cheek and he is ready to rock.

Ellyn and Eryn headed to the Carrefour and then to try to find the beach.  Unfortunately it was a fruitless mission on the beach end of things.  They were going the right way but the traffic was so bad that they wouldn't have made it to the beach and then back to the barn for the afternoon ritual.

Jeremy and I  left both horses outside and went back to the hotel for lunch, (while they were on their beach mission).  On the way we stopped for gas and of course, Baskin Robbins.  (Jeremy is still not eating ice cream!  He has lost about 22 pounds now and he will probably weigh in at 165 with his tack.)  We had to hang out, once at the hotel, for a bit as lunch doesn't begin until 1 pm. 

After eating, we went back to the barn and Jeremy and Ellyn went for a ride.  They both did a short simple ride.  Jeremy and I practiced more water bottle hand offs.  Smitty is doing pretty well at them.  He has stopped arching his ribs away from the bottles and now just gives me a nervous look or holds his breath (literally).  We will work on it more tomorrow.  He is workable at the moment, we would just like him to be really comfortable at it.

After the ride Jeremy and I ran for about 3 miles.  Then Ellyn, Eryn, Jeremy and I headed out on course in our "powerful" rental car.  We wanted to drive the Torra Borra loop.  This is the loop through the big dunes.  It is a lot like driving on a roller coaster track.  It was a bit exciting and also a bit nerve wracking as we were all hoping not to get stuck in the sand that far out on course!  We were also praying that there would not be another vehicle coming head on as we would not see it until our windshields smashed together. 

While we were on this loop we did a lot of photo-op stops.  There were a lot of camels out there, even a very cute baby one that kept galloping off.  We also came across one that was laying down and he sprang to his feet and took off bucking.  It was really funny to watch.  Another one was rolling, like a horse would.   I am not sure if it could make it all the way over or not with that hump in the way.

After Torra Borra we were really hungry, so back to the hotel.  Eryn and Ellyn were going to the airport from the barn to pick up Jeremy Olson's dad, Craig so we parted ways.

Dinner was good.  The best part tonight was the filet mignon and then the hot tapioca for dessert.  We were just about done with dinner when Ellyn and Eryn appeared.  It turns out Craig's flight was going to be much later than anticipated.  We sat with them as they ate.  After dinner we went in the jacuzzi.  The hotel had a pool but they are remodeling it at the moment.  It is ok though as it has really been too chilly to go in the pool, had it been here.  It is warming up a bit each day though.

Well tomorrow things will begin to pick up.  We are getting a walk in and a ride and then running fluids and gluing boots on, then off to the dinner party.  I am so overwhelmed with all of that!! I am totally kidding, but at least we will have something to do.

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