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Tuesday, February 09 2010
I failed to tell you about the crazy motorcycle drivers last night.  We were coming back from town and needed gas really badly.  We were on a failing search for gas and we had given up and were heading back to the hotel when we just barely noticed in time two motorcycles, in the dark, without headlights, driving at us head on.  I don't know if this is some psychotic type of training or what but they kept almost getting killed!  The worst part was that when we went around a few more roundabouts they were once again in front of us heading at us from out of the darkness head on!  Crazy.  This is when Ellen said half way jokingly that they were after their families blood money.  She went on to explain that if you kill a person in an accident you then owe that person's family $250,000 for their loss!

Any how, we had breakfast early to make it for our 8 am photo shoot.  This morning there were amazing chocolate croissants that I now knew were fresh which made them even more amazing! 

When we got to the barn we got the horses dolled up and saddled and went to exit the quarantine compound when our guard told us we couldn't leave until 9 am.  We told him about the notice that we had received in our hotel rooms the day before and he proceeded to tell us that it was wrong because he hadn't received any "orders".  We told him that every rider had gotten this info and to notice the other quarantine compounds that were bustling with activity getting ready as well.  This was unusually early for the entire foreign population to arrive all simultaneously.  This got the guy thinking and he made a few phone calls.  Before we knew it the photographer decided that he had waited long enough up at the main venue and he showed up near the barns and the steward decided to let us take the horses out.

After the photo shoot Ellen rode and Jeremy and I walked Smitty.  When we were done with the morning activities we all left the barn together as we were going to follow Ellen to the gas station to make sure she didn't run out on the way there.  She made it.  We checked out a lot of camels today during this part of the drive.  It was very serious business.  I guess it was the time of day to groom and assess legs, diet, etc.  It looked all too familiar, just a different animal.  We headed back to the hotel and I read my book (which is now a finished book.)
Apparently Ellen and Erin were taking pictures of camels on their way back to the hotel and when all of the camel guys saw them they waved them over.  The guys insisted that they get on the camel for a picture and proceeded to take turns taking pictures with the two girls!  Very funny.

I ate lunch alone today as Jeremy is still on his diet.  It was good as usual.  After lunch we went back to the barn (a 30 min drive each way).  This time Jeremy and Ellen rode.  Erin and I drove seperately as the horses were doing different rides today.  I practiced handing bottles to Jeremy.  It was a short ride.  On the way back Smitty galloped up a hill that goes to the barn.  I was doing a video clip of it and was trying to get closer to get Smitty and Jeremy in the frame better.  My car was not a good "hill" car and couldn't catch Smitty!  Stupid 4 cylinder, maybe 2! 

After the ride we went for a 35 min run.  I was totally parched by the end of this small run.  It is really dry here.  It has also been really cool, almost chilly at times during the day.  I have actually been wearing a light jacket at times throughout the day.

I forgot to tell you that all of us, at some point on this trip, have been trapped in a bathroom.  It happened to me yesterday.  I was at the barn and couldn't get out.  I called for Jeremy and he told me that the key needs to be turned EXTRA hard to release the lock.  I escaped unharmed.  That is when I found out about the others having the same problem.  Jeremy got locked in the bathroom at the hotel.  Apparently there is a release button on the door knob that if you don't know about it, you don't get out!

After we were done at the barn for the day we drove back to the hotel, stopping at Baskin Robbins of course.  I had the Hokey Pokey this time.  It was super.  I did notice the scoops being small the day before and today I saw why.  I was being served a child's size.  I was offended that he didn't think I could handle an adult size!  Maybe tomorrow I will show that guy!

Tonight Ellen, Erin, Jeremy and I ate dinner together again.  It was really fun.  There weren't any crazy colored foods today though...darn.  I take that back, I did try a very bright green Baklava.  It was not to my liking, it was a bit too "Superfood" tasting for me.

I was excited to see American Idol here tonight.  I am silly about that.  I am also working on getting hot water in our hotel room.  Luke warm is just not doing it for me.  I hope to get this resolved VERY soon.  Alright, I am off to bed.  Tomorrow will bring new fun and then Thursday things will start getting exciting finally!
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