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Saturday, November 28 2009
In our usual crazy over achiever style we went all out and brought the herd down to Desert Gold for Thanksgiving.  When we entered this ride we over looked the fact that we had overbooked ourselves.  The ride is a three day, starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, going through Sunday.  One problem... we are flying to Cancun, Mexico on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn.  So we changed our entries to only Friday and Saturday. 

We took 7 horses (8 if you count Jeff's horse), for 7 riders and headed south for the ride.  It is only a little over an hour drive.  We arrived and set up all of the horses with feed and water, which is a longer process with that many horses.  Then after organizing everyone's tack we relaxed and then went out for a short pre-ride. 

Jeremy and Jeff also went bike riding.  Maryben asked what in the hell they were doing when she saw them riding and then they suddenly jumped off their bikes, picked them up and started running up a hill.  I told her that they do cycle cross and she asked if I said psycho cross.

There was a plentiful potluck on Thanksgiving at the ride.  It was really nice eating by the fire that was going and sitting around with friends while enjoying some good turkey.

On Friday morning bright and early Jeff arrived from his turkey night that he had spent at his house and Maddy arrived as well as she had had her turkey elsewhere too.

Holly (my sister), Hillary Graham, Tim (Jeremy's brother) and Chris (Tim's girlfriend) all had slept at the ride. 

Jeremy rode Smitty both days.  He won and got BC on the first day.  He also won (a three way tie between he, Jeff and I) the second day and I am not sure who won BC yet as we are driving home right now and the awards haven't happened yet.

Jeff rode Breeze the first two days and is staying for a third.  He was 2nd on day one and tied for first on day 2.

Tim rode Rising Heat on day one and on day two Razin had scratches and was pulled at lunch:(

Chris rode Makazin on both days and was mid pack on day one and 4th on day 2.

Holly rode Sam on the two LD's and he was great she said.

Maddy rode Carnivalle (a clients horse) with Holly.  It was Carnivalle's first time at an endurance ride.

Hillary rode Bey for half of the LD on day one but they didn't get along so well so that was far enough.

I rode Strut on day one and was 6th.  On day two I rode Bey and tied for first.

On a side note My Mamselle was there with her new owners and finished 3rd on day one.  It was a family affair because Smitty, Breeze and Mya were 1st, 2nd and 3rd and they all have the same sire.

On Friday night we went to a Korean BB-Q restaurant then went to the meeting and awards.  There were S'mores after the awards and ride meeting.  I thought that was awesome!!  The completion awards were your ride picture, that was really nice. 

In all we had a lot of fun.  The weather wasn't the best on Friday but it sure was perfect today, Saturday.  After we had camp cleaned up squeaky clean ( a huge project with all of those horses!!)  we all went to Denny's to get some food before driving home.  It was fun to get the wrap up on the weekend over some food.  When we were done we all wished Jeff good luck for the third day and headed home.

Well I am going to go so I can do our last minute things before we fly out in the morning:)
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