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Tuesday, November 10 2009
On Friday morning my friend Megan and I loaded up Strut and Tanner and headed to the Lake Oroville Vista Endurance (aka LOVE Ride) ride.  Our drive was very uneventful.  We did not take the Big Slow Rig, instead we took the Ford and were able to hit all the speed limits.  Our first order of business was to stop at the local Starbucks, all good trips start with good java.  Before you knew it we were in the lovely town of Oroville. 

The base camp is in a flat gravel parking lot and it was already really getting full and it was only 2pm.  We parked for a quick escape as we were planning to leave right after the race and head to my friend Hillorie's house.  After we got everything all set up and packed up our crew bags we went for a preride.  I remember in the past that the end of the race was a bit confusing.  No problems with it now.

After our ride I went for a run.  I ended up running about 2 1/2 miles.   Then it was off to the meeting and lights out.  It's funny how you get sleepier when it gets dark earlier.

Saturday morning we got up earlier than normal because at this ride you ride across a damn then over railroad tracks and up a hill and then you have reached the starting line.  We had just crossed the tracks in the pitch black, which by the way looks way more scary to a horse when a flashlight is being waved over them, when we heard the train coming.  We were very relieved that we would not be near the train as it rumbled by.  It was intimidating enough just hearing it.

As we warmed up Megan and I parted ways as she planned on going a little slower on her horse.  Tanner did not even care.  After they said go Strut was a bit rambunctious for the first few minutes and then he settled in nicely.  The day went by really uneventfully and we ended up 3rd with reserve BC.  Tanner was 5th.  My throat was pretty sore though as I had been riding with someone who could not hear very well and I found myself yelling a lot.

We cleaned up camp quickly and headed to Vacaville, from one Ville to the next!  Hillorie had a pasture for us to turn Tanner and Strut out in.
Strut has got to be the coolest stallion ever that you can load him up with a strange gelding go to a race and then next day turn them out together.  Very cool guy. 

We showered and headed to Chevy's to have an exhausted girls night out.  The next day I woke up feeling really crappy.  We had breakfast with Hillorie said hi to all of her horses and headed out.  By the time I got home  it was all I could do to unwrap Strut and turn him out and head home.  I have been in bed ever since, it is now Tuesday night and I have not left my bed.

Jeremy's trip went well, he learned a lot and came home on Saturday.
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