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Friday, October 16 2009
Before Best Condition there was a light breakfast served to all attending.  That was a nice surprise!  At the Best Condition judging Jan Worthington's horse Golden Lightening look super and he was later awarded Best Condition.  We didn't stay for the awards as we wanted to get cleared out of the barn and headed back to our house with the pastures for the horses.  Jeremy needed to catch a flight to New York to work on some horses and Tim was flying home as well.

I was anxious to get back to the house as we had our two new horses that Lynn had trailered down from Delaware for us there and I had not met them in flesh yet.  I went straight out to see them.  This was the best part of our trip.  I love them both!!  We got an 8 year old grey gelding named A Kutt Above and a 3 year old chestnut gelding named An Honest Crook.  Great horses, I am very happy... finally something exciting from this trip:)

When the whole team made it back to the house we all got things settled and went out for a fun dinner as our final hurrah of this trip.  We had a great time.  On our way home we took the scenic route and had a good laugh.

Finally we all said our good byes and headed off for bed.

This morning at an early hour that I was not conscious for Cheryl, Maddy and Cherry flew out.  A short while later I was awake and Carolyn headed out. 

I went out to the barn to find Karl, Richard, Charisse and Kim stripping out their stalls and getting ready to head out.  I stripped my 4 stalls and said good bye to them and then It was just me and my dogs here.

Around noon Jason and Ceci came to pick up a horse to take to CA.  I helped them load up and they were off too.  About 15 min later Ceci came walking up and asked where the stack of garbage cans were that Skip wanted them to take out to CA.  Damn.  We got the cans and carried them the 1/2 mile to where Jason and Ceci's truck was parked.

Now I am waiting for Jeremy to land tonight at 5:30.  I will go get him with the trailer and horses in tow to begin our return journey in our speedy truck.  Hopefully it is as uneventful as our drive out.
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