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Saturday, October 10 2009
Today is Friday.  Last night Shar, Skip, Jeremy, Cheryl and I went to see a movie.  We saw the new movie called Couples Retreat.  It was pretty funny.  Then we went out for Mexican food.  While we were out the Mountain Team arrived. 

Charisse, Kim and Laura Hayes went out dancing with the property manager for the farm we are staying at.

Today we went over to the Kentucky Horse Park.  Our team uniforms were admired.  The registration wasn't ready yet, so we did what any rational group of individuals would do and went to Starbucks.  When we returned they were ready for us.  We were all able to register and then we checked out our barns.

Apparently right after we registered, there were a group of officials from the driving event that came over to our registration.  It turns out that their event is on the same day and yes, even some of the same course as ours!  They were insisting that our course needed to change as they had registered first for their event.  Good luck re-routing us Emmet!  This is his newest nightmare.

After we registered we went to Walmart to get some headlamps.  It was realized that no matter how fast we ride we will be in the dark.  The ride starts at 7:46, yes :46.  Then add 4 hours of hold time and 100 miles of trail, so we got a few headlamps.  Carolyn bought a wheelbarrow for when we get over to the secured barns.  I forgot to mention that we had 6 people in a 5 seater car.  Then we added a wheelbarrow to that equation. 

We headed back to the barn after our clown car act.  I clipped Smitty and Fuego and then rushed off to the airport with Charisse to get Maddy, Richard, Carl and Tim.  Luckily the airport is all of 15 min away.

Jeremy rode Fuego and Smitty and glued boots onto Smitty, Fuego, Ben and Laramie.

Charisse, Carl and Richard hauled a load of stuff to the Park, like shavings, hay etc.

Skip did a burger and hot dog BB-Q.  Lesson of the day, do not buy some unheard of brand BB-Q that needs assembly.  First the BB-Q rolled off the patio dumping off a large amount of burgers that all of the dogs quickly consumed.  Then the BB-Q had various parts that started melting on it.  Not good.  Oh well, another interesting dinner.  Overall it was good.  There was also a bottle of Moonshine finding it's way around the group.  It was some sort of homemade apple moonshine.

Tomorrow we will move the horses over to the secured barns at the Park.  I am off to bed.

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