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Thursday, October 08 2009
Today is Thursday.  The Mountain Team was supposed to arrive today at our farm but they got stuck in a flood somewhere in Missouri.  Hopefully they make it tomorrow.

Jeremy and I went on a really nice run this morning, blue skys and a really nice temperature.  The scenery is of course great as well.

This morning our team vet Chuck Kessinger arrived.  He went over all of our team horses and they seemed to all be pretty good.  There were 6 horses examined and one of them was an alternate horse.  My horse is not here as he will arrive when Valerie gets to the Horse Park on Sunday.  The only change that has occured  is that it was decided that  Charisse would be better off on Laramie, who was Kim's original mount and that Kim would ride Ben, the original back up horse.  That put Charisse's original horse as the back up.  Just one big round robbin.  All the horses were fine but based on their records this seemed like the thing to do.  I think Kim will now have a big work out as her horse Ben is A LOT of horse.  Oh well, good for the team.  A big thanks to Charisse and especially Kim!

After the vetting Jeremy worked on Smitty's feet and the rest of the team rode.  While they were out riding it poured!  Jeremy went riding a bit later and stayed dry...lucky him.

The frogs are rampant right now and I love listening to them.  This is something I didn't realize I missed from living back East. 

The barn has a tremendous need of a barn cat.  There were drowned mice in Carolyn's electrolyte water.  Mice everywhere.

Tonight we had a BB-Q with Kessinger and his wife.  Very fun.  We also sat around and filled out more paperwork for the race, oh joy, this is the story of my life.

Merlin has become the team mascot.  He is keeping track of everyone.  I caught him going on a butterfly hunt yesterday.  He was way out in the pasture jumping two feet in the air and twirling around snapping at them.  It was really fun to watch him.

Any how it is bed time.  Hopefully there will be a Mountain Team here in the morning.

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