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Thursday, October 08 2009
On Tuesday morning we took Fuego and Smitty for a walk.  Jeremy and I rode our bikes and we ponied the horses for about an hour.  In the afternoon the rest of our team horses arrived.  Reason and Sando flew to Indianapolis and then drove three hours to Lexington. 

The only mishap so far with the horses for the entire trip was when Sando got nervous while the pallet was being trailered to the plane.  It was moving in a really jerky way and it set him off and he scrambled a bit and fell down in the pallet.  You can only imagine how worrisome that was tp then have to wait for the whole flight and trailer ride to find out how he actually was doing.  It turns out he is fine, a little cut up but totally fine.

After all were settled, horses and riders, we went out for a team dinner.  It turns out that Lexington's roads are like a big wheel with spokes.  The "wheel" is 45 miles around and the spokes connect everything.  This makes it a bit confusing at times.  After driving around to find a steak house that Charisse and Kim had been to earlier on their trip we did find "it".  Apparently there is a chain of these restaurants and this one was not the same one as the one they had been to before.  This had made finding the place more difficult as well.

On Wednesday I got to sleep in!!!  Yay!!  Jeremy and I went for a ride around the Polo horses pasture.  They are so funny because they run in patterns when they play and then they flat out race after they are done with the circles and zig-zags.

After doing the odds and ends that can consume your day Skip made an awesome spaghetti dinner with cheesy bread and an amazing salad.  We all sat around a relaxed and there was gin and tonic going around.  Then we watched So You Think You Can Dance and had several good laughs at the expense of the contestants while the chocolate chip cookies where baking.

We ended our day with hot cookies covered in vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and Reeses sprinkles.

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