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Monday, October 05 2009
We have been driving for 40 hours and our GPS says we have 530 miles left to go.   Last night there was a nice snow storm that we went through in Wyoming.   Right now we are in Missouri, at the moment that is synonymous for misery.  We are finding out that our new Toter Home International goes a fine speed in CA as the speed limit is 55 for a truck hauling.  Not the case in these central states where the speed limit is 75.  Our truck hits top speed at 61 MPH unless you are going down a big hill.  Oh well, it's a lot like riding a real honest hard working, sound endurance horse that is lacking any true talent.  You love them because they give you all they've got willingly, and you live with the fact that they aren't cut out for speed.

We are headed to Lexington Kentucky for the World Championship Pre-Ride.  We left Almaden, CA on Sat the 3rd around 1pm, after visiting psycho donuts, where you can get the most outrageous donuts imaginable.   We loaded up Smitty and Fuego and started East.

Jeremy will be riding Sir Smith and I will be riding Carson's Gold on the FEI3* 100/160 km race.  Fuego will be doing the FEI2* 75/120 km race with our friend Chikako who is representing Japan.  (Chikako rode one of our other horses, Genuine Treasure at the FEI2* at the Git Er Done ride earlier this year winning the Best Condition award for the FEI division.)

With the new FEI requirements it can be very difficult to have a horse with the right qualifications to be able to enter the horse at different levels of FEI rides . So was the case with me riding any of our horses.  I was going to ride Ssamiam, who is qualified but he got his leg hung in a hay bag and needed a little R&R.  (Sam and Smitty are the only two horses in our group that have done more than one season, other than Gem who is currently pregnant.)   I then thought that maybe I just wouldn't ride.  I slept on that and woke up and called Vallerie Kanavy to see if she might have a horse or a lead on a horse.  She came up with two horses in her group that she offered to me!  Extremely generous.  I was given Carson's Gold and a back up named Pandor.  Kim Orr owns  both of these horses and I am extremely appreciative of this opportunity. 

As the ride was getting nearer I was to ride Pandor as he has a little more experience and things were working out in that direction.  Then a few days ago one of Val's riders horses was sold so they needed Pandor.  I am riding Carson's Gold and am very exited about it.  I do not know anything about him other than that he is a male Arabian, I am pretty sure he is a gelding.  I will know a lot more about him after I spend a 100 miles with him. 

We will be arriving at the Pacific South Team house hopefully in the most odd hour of the night so as to wake up as many team mates as possible.  That's what team building is all about:)  Either we will arrive late tonight or early on the 6th.

The place is called Bryan Station and it has two houses and stalls with paddocks as well as several pastures and a track to ride on.  I think it is about 11-15 miles from the Kentucky Horse Park, which is where the race will take place.

Our Chef or Team captain is Skip Lightfoot and our team Veterinarian is Chuck Kessinger.  The team mates for Pac South are: Charisse Glen, Kim Fuess, Carolyn Hock, Cheryl Dell, Jeremy and myself.  All in all it should be great!

Our crew will be fun too.  Jeremy will have Deborah Reich and Lynn & Mark Ashby (our good friends from the race track, who we got Merchant, Makazin, River, Smitty, Fuego and Merlin from).  I will have Bethany Dearing Guth (a good friend who used to train in CA with us until she moved to Kentucky, still a good friend just to be clear) and Emilio Colman.  Our friend Maddy Feliciano will be Chikako's main crew and all the others will fill in as needed.

Chikako's saddle weighs a ton so Maddy will need the extra help.  The saddle with the pad weighs about 55 pounds!

Well,  I will get back to misery.  I will keep you posted.

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